Fully DVSA Authorised Vehicle Testing Facility in Derbyshire

As a DVSA authorised vehicle testing facility, Transcare’s experienced engineers can help ensure that your fleet is operating safely and efficiently. A DVSA authorisation for trucks and heavy vehicles is essential to keep our roads safe. At our vehicle testing facilities, Transcare’s engineers undertake rigorous testing of trucks and heavy vehicles providing peace of mind for fleet operators and drivers that every vehicle is road legal and adhering to DVSA standards.

DVSA Testing Stations

Transcare operates an independent DVSA authorised testing facility (ATF) in Alfreton, Derbyshire. We have a purpose-built lorry testing facility that provides a complete range of lorry safety tests for trucks, trailers and PSVs. To get your vehicles tested, give the experts at Transcare a call today.

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Ensure Your Fleet Safety

To ensure fleet safety, all trucks, trailers and PSVs must undergo an annual MOT test to ensure they meet all relevant road safety requirements set by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). These requirements are put in place to ensure that heavy vehicles being driven on our roads are safe and compliant. At Transcare, we provide a range of services to ensure each vehicle will pass the lorry test and meet all legal obligations. We provide LEZ Phase 3 testing and voluntary 3 point checks as part of our commercial vehicle test.We also offer tachograph calibration and repairs, vital for any commercial heavy-duty vehicle. Book your MOT or voluntary 3 point check with Transcare today.

Why Choose Us As Your Vehicle Testing Facility?

With over twenty years of experience, fleet operators rely on Transcare to provide a responsive, consistent and reliable service repairing and testing vehicles from a commercial fleet. Based in Derbyshire, our testing station is a DVSA-approved facility providing comprehensive fleet safety services for heavy vehicles. We are committed to ensuring that our clients’ fleet can stay safe on the road and provide peace of mind to fleet operators that all their vehicles are road legal.

Complete DVSA Lorry Testing

Transcare provides complete DVSA testing for trucks, trailers and heavy goods vehicles. We are a Large Vehicle Authorised testing facility. If your vehicle is up for its annual DVSA test, visit Transcare in Derbyshire today.