Tachograph calibration services in Derbyshire

If your vehicle is fitted with tachograph units, whether analogue or digital, you must get them calibrated, tested and seals checked, regularly. It is a legal requirement for trailer trucks in the UK to have a functional tachograph, so you must ensure yours is working properly. If you’re in need of tachograph calibration or tachograph repairs, Transcare is here to help. We’re based in Derbyshire and provide specialist tachograph calibration services to ensure you can stay on the road safely.

Tachograph Repairs and Servicing

All heavy vehicles in the EU and UK must have a working tachograph installed. During a vehicle’s Preventative Maintenance Inspection (PMI), your seal will be checked to ensure it is intact and the last date on the PMI sheet will also be checked. Therefore, it’s important to stay up to date with tachograph repairs and installation. At Transcare, we provide professional tachograph calibration services for digital tachographs and analogue tachographs. We aim to ensure every vehicle is compliant and safe, so head to us today for your peace of mind.


Approved Tachograph Centre in Derbyshire

Tachographs are used to record drivers’ hours and speeds and are a vital piece of equipment to ensure the safety of the driver. It must be properly installed, calibrated and sealed and you will need to get this done by either a vehicle manufacturer or an Approved Tachograph Centre. At Transcare, we are a DVSA Approved Tachograph Centre, available to assist you with tachograph installation and tachograph calibration. So if you run a fleet of vehicles, we are on hand to ensure each truck has a calibrated tachograph installed and complies with government requirements.


Expert Analogue and Digital Tachograph Repair

If your tachograph doesn’t seem to be working correctly, don’t wait to get in touch with the experts at Transcare. We have years of experience in vehicle repairs and we’ll be able to get your tachograph sorted in no time. It’s recommended that analogue tachographs are checked every two years and re-calibrated every six years. Whereas digital tachographs must be fully re-calibrated every two years as well as after any significant repair, if the vehicle registration has changed or if there has been a change in tyre circumference. So get yours checked today with Transcare.